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What is it?

Copy Compass is a custom designed WordPress plugin which is specifically engineered to ensure that your copy is written with the best search engine practices in mind.

Copy Compass is the culmination of many hours worth of research in to SEO best practices for copy and search engine guidelines.

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Who can use it?

Copy Compass is the ideal plugin for your blog or website. It allows you to optimise your copy in line with generally accepted SEO best practices.

It is ideal for the casual blogger or the more serious blog master or website owner who wants to ensure his content always ranks well within the search engine results pages.

  • exercise SEO best practices
  • increase visitors
  • improve readability

    What can it do?

    Copy Compass embeds itself within your admin section for quick and easy access. Once the “Analyse” button is clicked, your copy is automatically sent through an API and is systematically and methodically analysed by the Copy Compass Core.

    Once analysed, a very detailed report is generated informing you of where your copy can be improved.